Awesome wonder you are,
You’re like the twinkling star ever so close not even far;
You’re like the moon and the sun giving light to your chosen one’s.
Awesome wonder ever so near,
Call on His name for He will hear,
He listens to the thoughts of our hearts drawing us closer
When we’re falling apart.
You are awesome wonder.
We often try to figure out and ponder.
But, Your ways are higher and you always take us by surprise;
Separating those who are for You from those who are not.
Your glory and Your power amazes us
By the second of every hour.
You are an awesome wonder.
Yes You are, I thank you and I praise You.

‘You’re a polished opal in a pewter world.’

‘You’re a glitterbomb of glory.’

You are specially awesome in your own way. And this is you above.

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