I travel upon the heart line of
past and present, weaving in the
sun pollen of who I am today,
wading in the rain puddles
of having too much to say because
I must always speak from four directions.

It is where I have been.
It is where I am going.
It is where I move.
It is where I am.

I like to jot down thoughts and ideas as I tread life’s garden, for then sometimes when I am weary I can turn a leaf and find what my mood was on a certain day and that changes a train of thought and brings back sunshine.

I perpetuate me.
I fight the fight for my soul, against my own extinction.
I align myself with inextinguishableness.
I stretch in a living, breathing trail. From ages’ rim to ages’ rim I stretch with my sufficience.

 I am a Christian. I am a Nigerian and a Student. And my name is Yerima Josiah David. Always far off with thoughts.

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